Bad Houses and Realtors Malpractice

Buying a home is exciting and at the same time a scary thing. You are committing a large amount of money to an investment that you assume will be worth what you paid for it, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that buying your dream home does not turn into a nightmare.

  1. Get an engineer to inspect the home.   You might think that this is overkill, but it is not.  Home inspectors only perform very limited inspections of the home, and if they suspect a problem with the home’s foundation, they are going to refer you to a structural engineer.   Spend the extra money and get an engineer to look over the home.

  2.  Demand a property condition disclosure form.   Typically, homes sold in the Kanawha Valley have a property condition disclosure form contained in the contract materials, but not always.  Make sure that you get one, and make sure that what is disclosed matches what your home inspection reveals.  If there are any discrepancies you need to dig deeper to make sure you do not get burned.

  3. Ask your realtor (and the seller's realtor) if they have ever previously dealt with the property.   Believe it or not realtors have no obligation to make sure that property they are selling, or helping you buy, is in good condition, or even in the condition that the property is being represented to you.  The law places the burden on you to figure out the true nature of the property’s condition.  However, realtors and the sellers are liable for defects and conditions of the property for which they have actual knowledge.    Ask to see the previous property condition disclosures or prior MLS.  If they refuse, go find a different realtor.

  4. Do not get pressured into buying a home.   Take your time and properly evaluate the property.  Buying a bad house can ruin your financial future.  Taking your time will help prevent you from getting stuck with a bad house that you cannot get out of without losing a lot of money.

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