What to do after a car accident!

  1. Go to the hospital.  After a car accident you may not know that you are injured.   Typically, your body will produce a tremendous amount of adrenalin and you will not notice any pain, but as that adrenalin fades you will feel the stiffness and pain from the accident.  It is always a good idea to go to the hospital right after a car accident.

  2. Do not say you are OK after the accident.   As stated above, a lot of times you will not know if you are hurt right after the accident.  A lot of motorists now have dash cameras that have audio, and insurance companies will try to use anything you say against you, especially any statement indicating that you are OK.

  3. Call a lawyer!!!!!  Lawyers deal with insurance companies every day.  You would not perform brain surgery on yourself, so why would you try to pursue your own insurance settlement or lawsuit?  Lawyers are highly trained professionals that know exactly how to handle insurance claims and lawsuits just like yours, so call me today and get a free consultation.  Call 681-217-2121 today!

  4. DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR CAR ACCIDENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!  Insurance companies employ people to look at your social media accounts to see what you have been up to and see if you are really hurt.  Do not give them anything to look at.  Always set your account to private, and do not talk about your car accident!!!

  5. Keep Treating:  Go to your primary care doctor or the ER If you are still hurting.   A lot of times people will not go back to the doctor thinking that the pain will just go away.   While this might be the case in some instances, a lot of the times the pain does not improve or gets worse.    If you fail to get treatment in a timely manner the insurance company will try to say that your pain is not related to the car accident, but related to some other cause and then not pay you for it.   Do not let the insurance company off the hook!  Getting timely treatment is your key to making sure the insurance company pays for all of your treatments, injuries, and pain and suffering.

  6. Listen to your lawyer.  Your lawyer will always try to maximize the amount of money that you will receive in an insurance settlement or lawsuit.  Personal injury lawyers get paid based on the amount of money they get for you, so they have an incentive to get you the most amount of money possible.  Therefore, listening to your lawyer is normally a good idea.  Also,  call your lawyer.  If you have questions about your case you should call your lawyer.  Call 681-217-2121.

  7. Be patient.  Insurance companies will try to starve you out so that you settle for pennies on the dollar.  Do not let them do this to you.   Be willing to go the distance with them, and make them pay you full compensation for your injuries.  Remember you are not suing the little old lady down the road, you are suing one of the largest companies in the history of the world that makes its money by taking money in and not paying out when it should.  GO GET’EM!!!!

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